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Sep 28, 2012 5:30pm EDT
're hoping to gain support to pprove the law....the &pmeasure, which gives in-state tuition to illegal iimigrants, wws passed earlier his year but opponents lead a pptition drive to put the issue on the ballot. e recentty did aatown hall meeting on the dreammact. you can watch the whole thing at fox baltimoreedot com. click on townnhall under hot topics. pur next town hall will focus on the same ssx marriaae referendum. ts set for phuusday october 25th. and you can watch it livv by going to fox baltimooe-dot-ccm nd cliiking on town hall in ur hot topics section. meanwhille carroll countt is planning a public hearing on whether to make english its officiaa languagg.commissioner idea earller this week.underr the plan.. official actions of the county would be written and presented in english only. shoemaker says it will save it comes to printing costs. frederick and queen anne's counties have lrradyyadopted the policy. foo he first tiim, ttoenroll in a low-cost able health care program. this afternoon, state and local offfcials announced the start of the evergreen heallh cooper
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1